Program proposals



Some tips that musicians, ensembles, composers and producers can take into account when sending program proposals to De Link. We don;t respond to proposals that are outside our area of interest.

  • De Link program consists of professional, contemporary composed music, with an emphasis  on 21st century compositions.
  • The series in Het Cenakel takes place from September till April, every two weeks on Tuesday from 8:30 pm.
  • We prefer proposals via e-mail send to the general e-mail adres of De Link found here.
  • Send us links to sound- and/or video recordings, relevant to your proposal. When the music has yet to be composed, existing work by the involved composers/ performers is appreciated.
  • Apart from concert programs we are especially interested in projects that focus on innovation of the concert practice, thematical programs or combinations of contemporary composed music in combination with other (art) disciplines.
  • The concert location is a former monastery chapel and has limited posibilities concerning sound, video and light technique; see technique.